Blues club in an old Amtrak station

Fabien Roy (a new co-worker and friend of former NetStruxr co-worker Jean Drolet) and I went to a blues club (with an open mic) in San Juan Capistrano last night. Fabien's a kickass blues guitarist, it was a treat to hear him play. There were a number of great musicians there last night, and one who'd had too much to drink and didn't feel like leaving the stage.

Just before midnight, these two teenage kids go onto the stage... a 14 year old asian boy with a black electric guitar and a 15 year old long-haired bleached-blonde kid (the grandson of the waitress) behind the drums. Man, did they rock. I couldn't believe what I was hearing out of that kid's guitar. He was playing various riffs and parts of different Metallica songs, and even some classic James Bond theme stuff, as well as, get this, some NES Super Mario Bros. soundtrack. LOL! After listening to blues and classic rock for over 3 hours I really appreciated some metal. :-)

Written on February 27, 2002