HTTP is not the be-all and end-all

Dave notes: ... "it had not occurred to me that HTTP isn't everything we could want it to be. No sarcasm."

(That point was made in response to this interview of Don Box, formerly of Developmentor, now with Microsoft.)

Right on! How about considering removing the HTTP-only restriction from XML-RPC so that people can use it over different protocols? I know it's been done with Jabber (XML-RPC payloads over Jabber, named Jabber-RPC since it's not over HTTP) and people have done XML-RPC over SMTP, but until now the spec has been unwaveringly rigid about the HTTP requirement and not calling it XML-RPC if it wasn't over HTTP. I understand why, but how about opening the door to some sanctioned experimentation?

Written on February 26, 2002