Herbal Remedy - can Brooks

Brooks goes out grumbling. The players were gracious and respectful but like I said, Brooks has no class. What a whiner. He complains that Canada had the easy route to the finals...

Uhh... Canada was seeded lower in the round robin than the US, and therefore Canada was in the tougher bracket. They played Finland (no pushovers, that was closer than the Canada/USA match) and Belarus, which was easy but they would have played Sweden had Belarus not pulled off a miracle (and Sweden whooped Canada 5-2)

USA played Germany, which plays a tough game but is just as easy as Belarus, and Russia, which isn't any tougher than the highly underrated Finland. I don't know what he's whining about. Go away Herb Brooks. Let someone with class coach the classy American team.

Written on February 25, 2002