Okay, I'm only 'sort of' back, and other info.

A few people have commented that I must either love, or be sick of moving by now. I should mention that at this point, I have no intention of moving anywhere. Victoria is my home. The plan is for me to be down here for 2-3 months and then work from home (in Victoria).

So that means I'm going to be away from my family (again). Again? Yes, again.

One of the number of personal things I didn't share on this site is that I was actually living alone in SF since autumn. The reasons for that include but are not limited to: wanting to be able to send Cyan to pre-school (we couldn't even afford it in SF), wanting Cheryl to have support from our families during and after her pregnancy, and that they were much happier living in Canada close to family, friends, and familiar things.

It's been a rough time for me, living alone. I'd never done it before. I may have almost gotten used to it, but I've never accepted it. Family life is the way for me. :-)

Written on February 24, 2002