Jail the politicians

There's a candidate for leader of the Tory party in Ontario that wants to make homelessness a crime, and the homeless forcibly removed from the street. Like Michael Cohen, I think that position is absolutely disgusting. Nowhere does it say you don't have the right to choose to not live in a house. If you want to live outside, then in a free country I believe you should be free to do that.

However, if someone begs for money (often in the middle of a street with moving traffic) or pees on the sidewalks like many homeless people in San Francisco, then I think that should be considered breaking some sort of bylaw, and something should be done. If there isn't a bylaw prohibiting that in SF, they should make one! I'm scared of running over the homeless there, and damn it stinks downtown!

Sun Media Columnist Michael Coren: Are there no prisons?
Forget the homeless, let's jail the politicans

"I have a better idea. Instead of removing the homeless, let's remove politicians. They're an eyesore, they frighten the tourists and I for one can't walk around the downtown core without seeing or hearing about them."
Written on February 24, 2002