Great Day for Canada!

If you could only have seen me watch the last five minutes of the hockey game, you would understand how much it means to me that Canada's Men won the gold medal in Hockey today. I haven't cried that much since my grandfather passed away.

I'm so happy, I'm euphoric... I've got to be the happiest man in California right now. :-)

But at the same time, I'm disappointed that I'm not at home with my family. I can visualize Cheryl jumping out of her seat with every Canadian goal, screaming. I can see my dad with his arms raised in his chair. My mom, freaking out. Cyan, excited because the Oilers won (it's always the Oilers playing when she's watching) and because everyone else is so excited, and poor Xavier not able to get any sleep in the early afternoon because of all the noise.

Then I think of my grandpa, who, if you'll let me be spiritual for a moment, was probably in the stands in Salt Lake today cheering on the boys and keeping track of the stats in his program. Grandma, home in Sherwood Park, Alberta, watching the hockey game because she knows how big it is, not because she loves to watch hockey. Uncle Troy and my cousin Micheal high fiving each other and screaming their voices away. Auntie Shirley and my cousin Eric hugging after the bedlam subsided in Nanaimo, BC. I'm sure Auntie Linda was crying too. Ashley was screaming, no doubt.

To have seen the game on the CBC, oh, that would have been great. I wouldn't be surprised if Don Cherry shed a tear after the game. I hope my mom remembered to tape it for me like she said she would. ;-)

It must be crazy right now in the downtown cores of all the major Canadian cities right now - absolute joy. I would love to be there right now... if I could just hop on a plane and land in Vancouver to join the parade.

And thank you to the Canadians and whoever else sang "Oh' Canada" during the final 30 seconds of the game in the stands.... because it was about our country and our pride and retaining the rights to our culture, not about hockey. Thank you to Wayne Gretzky for standing up for his country, drawing the line in the sand so clearly that all Canadians KNOW what side he's on.

And of course, thank you to the NHL players for playing hurt, playing hard, playing fair and playing to win!

Oh' Canada!

Written on February 24, 2002