Blocked from RU DG

Update, 4:26 PM: I'm unblocked.

I wanted to report a bug and ask a question about upstreaming with Radio UserLand, so I clicked on the "Create a new topic" link on the RU DG page. I logged in and was greeted with this lovely message: (click to expand)

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This is unacceptable. Time to contact UserLand.


Here's my bug report: images don't appear in the desktop website in Mozilla. The file:/// path used doesn't have the volume name at the beginning, perhaps this is the problem.

Question: What path do files get upstreamed to? I put a file into a new folder in the www folder, and saw in Radio's About window a few seconds later that a file was upstreamed. I tried tacking the foldername/filename.ext after my usernum/ in the url but i got a file-not-found error page.


Update: I figured out the upstreaming problem on my own. It only upstreams certain file extensions. Not .tiff apparently.

James Spahr solved the other problem for me. Thanks!

Written on February 15, 2002