Victoria, BC

We made it home yesterday around 3:30 PM, after taking the 1 PM ferry from Vancouver.

Going through the border was a piece of cake! We told the border guard what was going on, he gave us a paper to show the customs official, which we did, he asked us some questions, and then sent us on our way! I was worried that they might want to go through our U-Haul truck. That would have sucked. The super-strong-winds, rain and temperature (5 celsius) may have contributed to their decision to not interfere with our trip. ;-)

The water was pretty choppy, compared to the majority of my ferry trips, but the ferry wasn't topsy-turvy at all. Those new ferries are tough.

We went straight to the U-Haul storage place, and unloaded about 3/4 of the truck. The people there weren't very helpful. The can-do attitude was definitely lost with them (the U-Haul folks in Vacaville and Redding were very helpful nice, on the other hand).

Later this morning we'll finish unpacking.

Written on February 7, 2002