Lynnwood, WA -- home tomorrow

We made it all the way to Lynnwood tonight. That's something like 90 miles from the Canada-US border.

I hate going through Grants Pass (aka Swaine's World). Every time I go through there the weather and road conditions are terrifying. Today was the best conditions I've seen through there but they were still the worst of the trip by far and quite nerve-wracking. No offense, but I don't see the point of having the I-5 go through there. If I had the choice I'd tunnel under it and come out past the snow zone. It must have some industrial or tourism significance to have the highway go through there. What a nightmare.

I'm so sick of eating fast-food.

Seattle looks nice at night. I'm glad we got past it though, so we won't have to deal with all its traffic tomorrow morning.

I hope the border-guards are nice to us tomorrow!

Written on February 6, 2002