I feel a little silly doing this, but....

Cheryl and I have decided that Matthias didn't look like
a Matthias. We both said to each other that it felt
forced, not natural. We also agreed that he looked a
LOT more like a Xavier. :-) We decided to do something
about this before the official paperwork was done and
it was too late.

Our son shall now be known as, Xavier Matthias Kurt
. Sorry for the misstep, but better to fix this
now than later, I think.

Cheryl and Xavier came home from the hospital last night.
The night wasn't as bad as I expected, but Cheryl got a
weird case of the chills in the middle of the night,
reminiscent of the one brought on by the spinal in the
recovery room after the C-Section.

I'll post more pictures and updates later. I'm actually
posting this from an Internet terminal in the Juan de Fuca
Library in Colwood. Cyan is at her "Story Time".

Seeing as I don't have a dedicated internet connection,
I'm happy I'm using Conversant, a centralized CMS, to
post this instead of a tool where I'd be bound to posting
only from my desktop or laptop (which couldn't be
connected to the Internet here in the library).

Written on January 28, 2002