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X. M. K. R.

Uncle Shane and Nephew MatthiasIntroducing: Xavier Matthias Kurt Roepcke

Kurt is my Dad's middle name, my Opa's first name. We promised my parents a long time ago Kurt would be his middle name. We couldn't decide between Matthias and Xavier, so we decided to keep both of them. We'll let him decide which he wants to go by once he's old enough to tell us. :-)

I've taken some more pictures, I'll post another one later. Right now I have to read the email in the discussion group and finish replying to the many private emails we've received!

We changed the spelling of Matthias from "ais" to "ias". We debated this last night, my parents were sure "ais" was the traditional spelling. I think they're right, but nowadays it always ends in "ias". Thanks for bringing this to our attention, André!

Update: This picture was taken last night with his Uncle Shane, Cheryl's youngest brother.


Thank you!

Before Cyan and I go to the hospital this morning, we'd like to thank everyone who has sent in congats, good wishes, and cheer. I'd also like to thank everyone who's been giving us name suggestions!

I'll bring the laptop in with me, Cheryl and I can look over the email archive of the conversation together. :-)

Someone mentioned Logan... that was one of my earliest suggestions. I think that name rocks. But I think Cheryl knows it's Wolverine's "real" name and doesn't like it as a result. ;-)

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RE: On the way to the hospital shortly

Dave mentions yesterday was also the birthday of the Macintosh, and wonders if we'll name our kid Mac in honour of that.

I actually thought of Mac the day before yesterday, and brought it up with the family. They didn't think I was serious but I was. Okay, I made a joke about having his name be Irving Mac and you could call him iMac for short, but I really was serious! It's a cool name, and even cooler now that I hear it was also the Mac's birthday.

Not sure he looks like Mac, though. Would make a great nickname though.