RE: New glasses

Well I need a new prescription, as I expected. Also, the Dr. said that my eyes track slightly differently; the left tracks higher than the right... he said, this might make it difficult to read spreadsheets because I'd lose the row as I look across the screen/page, and, it could make reading difficult.

(cue fireworks, lightbulbs bursting, applause, 21 gun salute!)

I asked, "Is this why I have so much trouble reading novels? Whenever I read a novel, I'm always accidentally reading the same sentence twice, and I have trouble keeping my concentration because I'm working so hard just to keep my place on the page..."

He said, "Exactly. A few days after you wear these lenses, you should have no problems reading anymore."


You might want to buy some stock in book publishers soon. ;-)

Written on January 22, 2002