Elective C-Section

We saw the OB GYN yesterday. We got the result we were hoping for, they've agreed to either induce Cheryl, or allow an elective C-section.

This baby is really big, and in particular we're told his head is BIG. :) Cheryl had trouble birthing Cyan, her shoulders got stuck and the cord was wrapped around her neck, she was ghostly-white and wasn't crying when she was born, from the distress. Cheryl had a retained placenta and nearly bled to death. Her hemoglobin count was in the 50s.

All of these things made us not looking forward to another natural birth where there was a real chance of a dangerous incident. We've decided to go with an elective C-section. Hopefully it will be ASAP. That will probably translate into Thursday or Friday. (we thought they were going to induce her last weekend but it didn't happen)

I can't wait! ;-)

Written on January 22, 2002