Was bound to happen...

Dave Winer has updated the Frontier/Radio 8 section of the credits page, which was previous marked as a draft. I was pleasantly surprised to see myself and others who had been invited and contributed to the endgame of the Radio 8 testing process on the list. Heck, I was pleasantly surprised to have been invited at all.

When I made the comment about WinerLog and censorship on Friday, one of the first things I thought was, "I bet I'm removed from the credits page for this...". And I was right. I was hoping to be pleasantly suprised, but I guess my cynical side was right this time.

Personally, I've always liked shit disturbers... emotional people who care enough to be vitriolic. (Dave himself is exactly that kind of a person. hint) Yes-men and brown-nosers are boring to me, and rarely advance the status-quo. Dave thinks this way too; I know because we've spoken about it on the phone. (one of those times Dave appreciated my talent instead of despising my observations and brutal honesty)

Anyway, I write this as a follow up. Not to blow my own horn, but just to note I was acknowledged in the past, that I have contributed to Frontier, even when I was a pain in the ass (I was). This is what Dave called taking the high-road, and he used to be consistent about this.

I'm third on the list for Frontier 5.0. I spent a ridiculous amount of time testing that release, especially on Windows. I'm first on the list for 6.0. I provided a nice quote about it for an article on MacUser, among other things. I'm also on the list for Frontier 6.2.

Times appear to have changed.

Another observation... desperation makes people do weird things. I'm noticing it in my own behaviour, like telling people I'll work for $X when I'm really worth $(X*1.5) and could probably have gotten $(X*1.25) had I asked for $(X*1.5), and been in line with market value. And keeping a lot of things about my life to myself instead of sharing them here like I used to.

Some day, I hope my life returns to a happy balance so I can tell you all about what I've been going through, and be open again... be myself.

Written on January 21, 2002