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Never give up

I get knocked down, but I get up again, you ain't ever gonna keep me down!


iPhoto is better than that…

Mark Pilgrim: "Import of existing pictures is a pain; pictures can be tagged with keywords, titles, and comments, but then there are no search features to use these[...]"

Not so.

There is a toggle switch to the left of the keywords box: Assign/Search. When in Assign mode, you assign keywords to photos. When in search mode, you search for photos with those keywords. I don't think there's a way to search the comments field (yet), but it's one-dot-oh so... give it time. And it's supposed to be simple enough for grandma to use... let's not turn this into a UI mess.


Cocoa class winding down…

Well it's almost that time, to shake hands and say farewell. It's been an incredible 5 days. I'll never be the same again. :-)

I'm going to write a review of the course. I'll point you to it once it's online...


Thai Iced Tea

The Thai Iced Tea I had with dinner tonight (actually, both of them ;-)) have really done a number on me. I can't get tired. :-/

Maybe I'm just excited about another day at Genentech learning Cocoa, and a little sad that tomorrow's the last day. I'm going to miss that sweet PowerMac Cube, too.

A G4 makes all the difference with OS X, let me tell you. Wow.