Damn! Proof MOSR will post anything

A clueless MacOS Rumors reader (Eric Christensen in case you're curious) wrote this little gem and sent it in...

"I thought you might be interested in this screen shot I took of my computer this mornig. I always take my laptop home from work. To use my network at home I have to change locations and then change them back when I go back into work. Well, while plugging in my laptop at work this morning, I hadn't changed the Location yet and the auto update feature in OSX kicked in. When it couldn't find the network, this dialog box appeared.
Take a look at the default button you have to click to close the warning. Damn, that's funny. Someone at Apple messed up I guess.

As a side note, I only pulled this into Photoshop to save it as a JPG from a TIFF. I did not change the word on the button. That's how it displayed."

(click image for larger view)

Ryan Meader replied:

"Very interesting. A little spice in the design of an OS -- the ocassional 'Damn!' button, 'easter egg,' and so forth -- is nice, but we're surprised Apple's anti-Easter Egg policy of late let this one through."

Of course, what Eric and Ryan weren't clueful enough to figure out was that this dialog actually comes from the MacReporter dockling, not Mac OS X's Software Update system.

Anyway, definitely worth a laugh. ;-)

Written on January 15, 2002