The old school reunion

Update at 10:20 PM on Saturday evening: some more Frontier users (and a surprise appearance by Bill Bumgarner of Cocoa/WO fame and Ken Bereskin of Apple/Rhapsody fame):

Here are the "old school" Frontier users I've noticed set up Radio sites this evening:

And while I'm giving out praise: a big thank-you to Brent Simmons for the Services menu in the OS X version of Radio. :-) It's the first Carbon app I've used that has support for Services. I wish I could be happy about that, but Radio is a good start!

Note that there are a lot of other "old school" Frontier folk that have set up Radio sites before last night, during the beta process, and the final candidate stage. But here's a unique one:

Dan Shafer's First Review of Radio 8 -- Dan wrote the docs for Frontier 1.0 in 1991.

Written on January 12, 2002