pMachine - Blogging plus a lot more!

The "whole lot more" aspects of it seem to mostly be things that Conversant and its weblogging system has done for a year or more. And with Conversant you don't have to maintain your own server. (For some this is a plus, for some it's not a problem)

I'm not a fan of code-in-HTML systems like ASP/CFM/JSP/PHP, so I immediately get that Homer-thinking-of-Patty-and-Selma shudder when I think of having to deal with it.

To be fair, it has a couple gee-whiz features like keeping track of birthdays and... well that's the only one I see, and that's pretty, well, gee-whiz.

And of course the more weblogging software there's out there, the better.

When I finally have another spare moment I'll write about Radio UserLand 8, which is shipping soon, if not today. Which is a good choice of days to ship, since their announcing the SN Blogger of the Year award today too.

Written on January 11, 2002