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Radio 8 ships – OSX, OS9, Win

I got the news via blogtracker. (hehe) I recently set it up to show me new weblogs. Usually there's 1-3 new ones an hour. Well I got home tonight and there were HUNDREDS of new weblogs, all looking like:

"So-and So's Radio Weblog"

I guess that means it has shipped!

I have to admit I was surprised to be invited into the beta program earlier this week to try out the last beta and the final candidates. I haven't always gotten along with Dave Winer (...that was the current understatement of the year on this site), but I've been rock-steady in saying that when Radio UserLand shipped for OS X, I'd be behind it and support it.

I appreciate it that UserLand let me give it a whirl. I helped them get to the bottom of a bug with Mozilla support in OSX, so next time you use Radio and Mozilla together and it just works, think of me, and then think of UserLand, who found and fixed the problem mere hours after I gave them the info they needed.

I was also surprised when I found out the price. $39.95. It's very cheap, I was expecting something like $60-$80. But they'll sell way more than double at this price so, as long as their hosting aspect is sustainable and they're making good money on each copy, this will be a great deal for all. Win-Win. Success, Dave!

Radio UserLand is basically Frontier without Manila and the other server-related stuff that is Frontier-only. I've long been a fan of Frontier. Like all software it's far from perfect, but it's unique and elegant and that makes it cool. Like HyperCard and WebObjects, my two other true loves in software, it breaks barriers, is totally unlike anything else before it, and has an interesting history.

I'll still be maintaining this site using Conversant, because it gives me so many more things Radio doesn't, as a weblogging tool. But I'll be using Radio very often, probably many times a day.

Here's my Radio site: KOSX 125.1 FM. Not sure what I'll use it for yet. :-)


AnandTech takes apart an iPod

AnandTech - Apple iPod

"The processor is able to not only decode MP3 and wma files [...], it is also able to encode on the fly (a feature which Apple did not take advantage of in the iPod)."

So they had the capability to give it a recording feature and they didn't. Argh.

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pMachine - Blogging plus a lot more!

The "whole lot more" aspects of it seem to mostly be things that Conversant and its weblogging system has done for a year or more. And with Conversant you don't have to maintain your own server. (For some this is a plus, for some it's not a problem)

I'm not a fan of code-in-HTML systems like ASP/CFM/JSP/PHP, so I immediately get that Homer-thinking-of-Patty-and-Selma shudder when I think of having to deal with it.

To be fair, it has a couple gee-whiz features like keeping track of birthdays and... well that's the only one I see, and that's pretty, well, gee-whiz.

And of course the more weblogging software there's out there, the better.

When I finally have another spare moment I'll write about Radio UserLand 8, which is shipping soon, if not today. Which is a good choice of days to ship, since their announcing the SN Blogger of the Year award today too.

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