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Bud Tribble (re)Joins Apple

Bud Tribble Joins Apple as Vice President of Software Technology

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Weblogger lunch

A lunch that I (and Damien) thought would be about 4 or 5 people turned about to be about 20 people. I guess a few people linked to where Damien said there'd be a lunch.

It was nice, I met a lot of people I'd never met before, but lunch ended up being a 2.5 hour getaway!!! :-(

We were in the Yerba Beuna park, and a lady with a camera and clipboard came up and asked us if we wanted to be in a Microsoft ad, and they'd pay $500 for a half day's work. :-)

I need the money, but not THAT bad. Not selling out. Nope. (To be honest I couldn't have done it that day anyway)


Microsoft caught stuffing the ballot boxes

ZDNet UK: .Net vote rigging illustrates importance of Web services

"Several of the voters evidently followed a link contained in an email, the subject line of which ran: "PLEASE STOP AND VOTE FOR .NET!" We know this, because our logs include the Web address where visitors browsed from; when people click there from a Microsoft Exchange email message, Exchange helpfully gives us the subject line and username. The people who followed that link all had email addresses in the microsoft.com domain."

This is a pretty common occurance (not just with Microsoft). Anonymous online polls are for the most part, bogus.

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