Tears of joy

I got up early to watch the keynote... at work by 8:30 so I could use the T1. That in itself is a wonder. ;-)

I already knew of the new iMac because it was leaked last night, and I was on irc.appleinsider.com (one of the few times I've ever used IRC in my life) when the word came down. We saw two tiny pictures of this thing.

The new iMac is pure class. To see the thing in motion, to see it on the desks of people using it (especially Seal, what a nice desk!), I couldn't believe it.

But wow. Okay I'm disappointed in the keynote overall as I type this but every minute I am more and more amazed by what Apple has done. iPhoto is beyond unbelievable. I'm running it on my PowerBook G3 right now, I just imported a bunch of pictures, I'm going to make a slideshow with a soundtrack later.

Cheryl is due to give birth to my 2nd child, my 1st son, on January 26th. I have to admit, I cried watching the iPhoto TV advertisement. It's beautiful. Life... is beautiful.

The slideshow, the web photo album, the hard bound BOOK... iMovie, iDVD. This is about enriching our lives and the lives of those around us by sharing the beauty that is life.

This is why they do what they do, Steve Jobs said. He didn't put it as I just did in the preceding paragraph but that's what he meant. I praise Steve Jobs for being a hard ass, for throwing out the early designs of the new iMac, and everyone at Apple for making sure iPhoto did what it did (i heard on IRC last night that iPhoto's development was a hard journey).

As I've said before I'm not religious. I do not have a religious affiliation. But if I had to pick one, I'd have to say being an Apple worshipper would be a good one. :-)

Thank you Apple.

Written on January 7, 2002