One last thing... WebObjects 5.1

What, you didn't hear Steve Jobs extolling the virtues of the newest version of it's wonderful Java application server today during the keynote? Me either. Must have been a technical glitch.

Perhaps if the undead from Adobe and Palm hadn't taken so much time sucking the energy out of the first 20 minutes of the keynote there would have been time. ;-)

Here are the highlights (new features, that is) of WebObjects 5.1, courtesy of Max Muller (who doesn't even have a home page, can you believe it?):

  1. You can now use EJBs (not 2.0 beans) in your web apps, ie a woa
    can now be a container if so desired. Note not integrated into EOF,
    two different stacks.
  2. EJB framework types for PBX (with wizrds to walk you through
    create your first bean ;), support all 4 bean types
  3. JNDI EOAdaptor for access to LDAP
  4. JSP deployment via Tomcat and WebLogic
  5. Can embed WOComponents in JSP pages, heck can even go so far as
    to call session and application methods from a JSP page.

VERY sweet. Also, Documentation includes several new and updated books, all new reference documentation in Javadoc format, and enhancements to Java Client.

The upgrade from version 5.0 is $19.95 for S+H.

Written on January 7, 2002