2002 ford taurus in Victoria

I saw this link on Velocity:

2002 ford taurus: photoessay - girlrepair.com

When the page first loaded, I wasn't reading the text, just scanning the pictures. Then I saw the fifth picture, and thought to myself, "Hey that kinda looks like the Saturn dealership I bought my car at", noticing the building behind the car also looked a lot like the building my doctor's office is in, which of course is right across the street from the Saturn dealership i bought my car at.

Then I noticed the car in what had to be an Esso station (Esso is a Canadian Oil company), so I read the text next to it and yup!, it's an esso station.

(PS: The whole thread for this message has revolved around what Esso means and where it comes from. hehe)

So, cool, this is in Canada. Okay... I keep on looking at the pics. A few more down... "this is the top of mount tolmie, a boil on the face of my city."

I thought, "Mount Tolmie? Holy crap this is in Victoria!"

So I go back and read it from the top. Yup, it's in Victoria! (my home town) Whaddaya know. It's a small world after all.

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Written on January 6, 2002