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Interesting idea

From a MacCentral Forum: I'm Very Confident Jobs Will Announce This



CIA going too far

Oh my. The horror! ;-)

MSNBC: CIA Using Mariah Carey Movie in Al Qaeda Interrogations


Experienced WO developer available

I just sent this to the webobjects-work mailing list (greeting and sig removed for brevity):

I am seeking an opportunity to lead, assist or mentor for an organization using WebObjects or a similarly excellent tool, preferably on a telecommuting basis. I am open to contract and employment situations, as well as offers from overseas.

I have significant experience with WebObjects, including the powerful DirectToWeb (D2W) framework, and contributed one and a half chapters of D2W material to the highly respected WebObjects book from WROX. I will be attending The Big Nerd Ranch's Cocoa course later this month.

My resume, detailing my skills and experience is available online at:


Please email me at jim@roepcke.com to discuss your needs.

If you plan to be in the San Francisco area, and would like to meet in person, let's arrange a suitable time to get together.

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First Dog Buddy killed by car

CNN.com: Former first dog Buddy killed by car
:-( That's so sad. I miss my puppies (they're living with my inlaws in Victoria).

My brother-in-law's Boss's dog, also a chocolate lab, IIRC, was killed last year by a car. How horrible.

My dog Cinnamon was hit by a minivan going 30mph when she was about 6 months old... she ran out of the back yard when the electrician left the door open upon leaving. The crazy dog just kept on running after she was hit (she was basically unhurt)! I couldn't believe it. Damn dog had to do it on Sunday too when the vets aren't working... that was an EXPENSIVE electrician's visit.