My MWSF 2002 predictions


15" LCD, as expected, maybe widescreen, not sure. Not sure if it'll look like a 15" studio display with a bulge in the back and a slot in the front, or some kind of hybrid desktop/laptop as shown on, or something completely different.

The romantic side of me pines for a web-pad/slate type of thing with pen input. Apple has been rumored to be working on something called InkWell (same link cica Aug 8, 2000 via the web archive) for a long time now, originally based on the Newton's Handwriting Recognition system (but who knows where it's at now). Steve Jobs hated the Newton, or so I'm told, but I believe he hates being one upped by Bill Gates even more, so hopefully he'll try to gte an Apple pen-based system out before Microsoft ships their webpad stuff.

I also think they might do this because it's been a little while since Apple has really shaken things up. First iMac and USB, then iBook with AirPort. They haven't done anything quite as revolutionary since.

Gigawire. Whatever that is. I think it's 3.2 Gbps FireWire, not some wireless 54 Mbps thing people have been talking about. If they're working on wireless firewire, and it's really based on 802.11 as I've been reading, I bet they'd called it GigaPort something like that. But perhaps it's both. ;-)


Speed Bump, maybe a 13" or 14" screen, if prices have come down enough. (probably not 14" as it would make it too big, I think they want to keep it small) I think Apple believes the pro video stuff will drive sales of PowerBooks enough that they don't have to worry about the iBook cannabilizing its sales, and, they want to make the best Macs available as they can at a low price point.

Gigawire. Everything will have it. (assuming it exists)

Depending on how this HWR stuff plays out, the iBook might have it too. I remember seeing pictures or a description of a laptop keyboard and a desktop keyboard with a pad area for writing on with a stylus.


Faster processors again. Gigawire. I'd really love backlit keys (not a stupid lamp like the IBM ones have). Gigawire.


I don't think they'd come out with the G5 before recouping their investment in Apollo, especially if they can get them in gigahertz speeds, which is all they really care about at this point. With the iMac coming out they can wait until Tokyo or NY for the G5. DDR RAM, Gigawire, a new enclosure (maybe). Superdrive at lower price points. I've heard this is the first motherboard with a completely fresh, no holdover design since John Rubenstein took over, and that people are excited about it.

PowerServer (maybe):

Who knows. But OS X can make a great server, and they've got great software. Hopefully clustering stuff. I like Jaharmi's idea about selling the iDisk/roaming profiles software. Remember someone mentioning dodecahedrons on MacOSRumors? Imagine clustering those suckers by stacking them. cool. (won't happen, just rambling) hehe


Hopefully the recording mode will finally arrive. Windows compatibility. But I think this'll wait for gadget-gaga Tokyo.


The next version of WebObjects will (hopefully, PLEASE!) be released.


Now that Adobe has announced their plans Apple can safely announce this for real, more than just the seminars they've been advertising about it.

Non-product related stuff:

Damien wonders if they'll buy or partner with another corporation. I don't know. Maybe Palm, now that they're hurting again, but I'd say partnership before acquisition. I don't think Apple can afford anything to drag it down. iPhone? I dunno. We'll see. :-)

Microsoft (sigh):

I think there's going to be more about Microsoft in this too. They'll probably announce WMP for OS X, even though it's been done for a long time. I think Apple might also do something to counter MS. It's so hard to say here... the 5 year deal is over, so will Apple suck up to Microsoft to extend it, or defy them because they've been such assholes to everyone?

Written on January 2, 2002