RE: Huge X-Mas present

Old posts from Usenet, via Google Groups: (I'm sure there are older posts, but I'm not finding them yet)

1997/06/08: My first post about OpenStep development

1995/12/06: Announcing Ini2URLs 3.0, a freeware program I wrote for OS/2

1995/05/09: Complaining 20MB of RAM isn't enough

1994/03/28: Need help getting SLIP working (this UVic account is the oldest email address of mine I can remember. I know I had a Victoria Freenet account but I don't remember what my account name was)

Update: Just found an even older one!

1993/11/18: Re: NHL '94 One-Timers... how cute that it's about hockey. :-)

Written on December 11, 2001