Threaded IM P2P app for Radio UserLand

JRobb just confirmed a suspicion I've had for a while... UserLand is developing a threaded IM system for Radio.

Way back in January 2000, when the callbacks were first added to Radio UserLand to make such a thing possible, I wrote a P2P/XML-RPC-based threaded IM system for Radio.

I never released it, but I did test it out with Brian Andresen, who I worked with at Macrobyte at the time. I might have also shown it to someone else but I can't remember.

Anyway, I just dug around my hard drive and found the code for it. It's doubtful I'll ever use it again so here it is...

Frontier Suite: suites.JChatteR

I guess that means "structured Instant Messaging" isn't unique to UserLand anymore... though, it still does rely on their product.


PS: I have no idea how well the code works anymore, or even if the distribution I uploaded worked. :-) Run the init script in the suite to set it up. I retain my copyright to my work.

Written on December 4, 2001