You must be kidding

Scobleizer: A Tale of Two Tech Industry "Leaders"

"But UserLand is building the damn coolest Web publishing tool I've ever seen (and that's no bullshit, I've been using all the best publishing tools since I discovered PageMaker in 1987 and FrontPage in 1996)."

You know that acronym "LOL", right? Laugh out loud. Well, it's overused. Most of the time when people use it in emails or in IM conversations, I highly doubt they are actually lauging out loud.

Well let me assure you, when I read the quote above, I was LOL. I wasn't quite ROTFLMAO, but close.

FrontPage? OMG. You must be kidding me. _vti_ugh If FrontPage is one of the best publishing tools, then I'm worried about UserLand.

Written on December 2, 2001