Taliban fighter says he's American

CNN.com: Taliban fighter from prison uprising says he's American

After reading this, I had the weirdest thought. What if The Rock from the WWF was there in Afghanistan, questioning this John Walker guy?

The Rock, entering the room: "Finally, the Great One has come back... to Mazar-e Sharif!" He walks over to the injured Taliban figher, and says... "Where you from, Jabronie?"

John Walker: "The name's John, actually. I'm from Ameri..."

The Rock, interrupting, screaming: "It doesn't MATTER where you're from, you steaming pile of monkey crap!"

John Walker: "Wha... what's going to happen to me?"

The Rock: "Know your role and SHUT your mouth. I'm asking the questions here. If you must know, we'll check you into the Smackdown Hotel... and then, in front of the millions of the Rock's fans, the Brahma Bull will layeth the Smackdown on your candy ass!"

Well, you can pretty much figure out how the conversation progresses from there. This has been... Pro Wrestling Interrogation Theatre.

Written on December 2, 2001