Matrix Revisited

I just finished watching The Matrix Revisited. 15 bucks, I thought that was pretty good for a DVD. :-) I didn't even know what was on it... it said The Matrix on it so that was good enough for me! ;-)

Turns out it's a 2 hour making-of and philosophy-of the Matrix, plus extras. I really enjoyed it. And thankfully, there were no spoilers about the new movies in the 2 hour bit, that I saw. There's a "Go Further" item in the main menu, with a "What's to Come?" selection in it... the reviews on Amazon say it's related to the sequels, so I avoided that. ;-)

The stuff about the Animatrix is super cool. Anyway, Revisited is basically a $15 commercial for the Matrix, the sequels, and the animated shorts, but I don't care.

I'm so jealous of the Wachowski brothers!!! ;-)

Written on December 2, 2001