Petreley is cool

Hm. Does Petreley write for other pubs? I've always hated Computerworld. I've explained why on this site in the past. I'm surprised they have a guy as cool as Nicholas writing for them.

Nicholas Petreley, Computerworld: The Source Is Everything

"There are only two types of closed-source software vendors: those whose software becomes obsolete and impossible to support, and those whose software becomes obsolete and impossible to support but that have a better sales strategy."

I told a friend about this same thing earlier today, in a different context. I said, "In a time where the plug has just been pulled from the drain and the water is rushing out of the tub, it's the sharks that have the best chance of grabbing a meal before they suffocate. The dolphins are in for a rough ride."

The dolphins that don't get eaten by the sharks have the best chance for long term survival. They're mammals, and can breath above water... they just need some people to pour water on them until they get transplanted to a new bathtub.

On the other hand, the shark with blood dripping from its jaw won't get much help from onlookers.

Speaking of sharks...

Nicholas Petreley, Computerworld: Side-by-Side Hypocrisy

"The [Halloween] documents reveal that Microsoft deliberately adds arbitrary layers of complexity to make it difficult to deliver Windows features on non-Windows platforms. That's what Side-by-Side Assemblies is all about. Microsoft depends on obscurity and complexity to survive."

As MS CEO Ballmer mentioned recently, Microsoft has an image problem. No-one came to their defense during the anti-trust lawsuit. They're incredibly lucky the government showed up just before they suffocated at the bottom of the bathtub.

It might be a while before we learn why the government saved the bloody-jawed shark this time. But some day the drain will get pulled again, the government won't be feeling as generous, and no-one will be there to save the fat old shark.

Written on December 1, 2001