Not sure if this is in reference to today's rant or not...

Dave Winer: "Of course now that we're moving, the critics section is getting revved up too. What can you do about it, except keep moving. It's rough out there. If they published software and supported users, they'd probably not be so quick to call us bad names. Whatever. Have a nice day."

If it is, he must think I do this development stuff for fun, and that the software we produce is for ourselves only, as if we don't have customers to support. Like he's the only one that has to support users. Whatever. Have a nice day.

PS: If UserLand offered its customers a month-by-month subsciption as an alternative to the yearly one, they could find out how much value they're really providing their customers. I bet a number of Manila customers would sign up for updates during the "We love Manila months" and save their money the rest of the year while Dave and co. have historically put their attention on other matters and people like David Bayly put on their fire-fighter caps, fixing bugs for free.

Written on November 28, 2001