News and information about the series Smallville

I watched Smallville for ONLY (I say with a sigh) the 2nd time tonight. I loved the premier episode but kept on missing it after that. :-(

I saw it again tonight, and wow. This is an awesome series. And it's got quite a following already, as you can see from the site.

Kryptonsite, another Smallville news site.

A page I found on a Google search for "smallville" was gone ( but there was a link on the site that said Smallville is actually Merritt, BC.

Merritt is a small... village... along a critical highway in British Columbia. I've been there many times, but it's never been my destination, just a pit-stop or where I stopped for the night. Going to the Merritt site confirms it's Smallville. Very cool.

I'm hooked. Tuesday, Buffy (hey don't laugh) and Smallville. Wednesday, ST:Enterprise. So far those are the only shows I watch. Hm, maybe I'll watch The Tick too, I'll have to see it again to know for sure if I want to follow it.

Written on November 21, 2001