Frontier 7.1: Unattainable coolness

Holy Shit they're actually adding some cool stuff to Frontier 7.1. Just about everything in the Kernel Changes list is cool, but these things stuck out...

    Dock/Tray menu based on a Frontier menubar object. Very cool.

    Buttons in outlines: show configurable buttons at the top of outline windows. Super duper fucking cool.

    Mouse scroll wheel: Cool, but it sucks that Carbon developers have to explicitly support this.

There's still a showstopper bug in Frontier though. I can't afford it. But Dave told me he can't afford me, so perhaps that means we're at a stalemate. D'oh.

It's their loss as far as I'm concerned. I'll just keep writing cool WO/Cocoa/AppleScript stuff. I think I'll release the threaded XML-RPC/Outline-based IM client/server I did in Feb 2000 though, which was about the time I stopped using Frontier. (that's when I stopped working for Macrobyte)

Written on November 21, 2001