I just sent this to NetFlix via their Feedback page...

"I used to subscribe to your service. I think it's great.

But I cancelled it because you would bill me if I hadn't rented any movies or had any movies out during a billing period.

If you would only charge me on months I rented something or had movies out, I would re-subscribe to your service immediately.

Otherwise, I would rather spend more for rentals at Blockbuster and not be charged for something I didn't use, because it would work out to less in the long run.

I just rented Shrek, Blow, Legally Blonde, Final Fantasy and Swordfish this weekend. I also bought Tomb Raider. I might not rent another movie for 2 months. Maybe 1, maybe 4. Who knows. But I know what I paid for these rentals and the price won't go up each month I don't rent anything.

I hope you'll seriously consider my request.

Thanks for listening.

Jim Roepcke"

What do you think? Do you think my request is fair? Do you think NetFlex would be able to increase its customer-base if it implemented my suggestion?

Written on November 19, 2001