Matt Goyer knows his limits

Matt Goyer: I hate Microsoft

"Other places I couldn't work at for fear of going pyscho: Rogers (any of their divisions), Bell (any of their divisions), the Royal Bank, and obviously U-Haul."

Hehe. You should ask Steve about working at U-Haul. But you might have trouble getting a word out of him because he's been busy cranking shit out on the 500MHz G4 Titanium PowerBook with a gig of RAM they GAVE HIM when he started last month.

But yeah, you had to strain pretty hard to see the disappointment in my face when U-Haul fucked up my truck order last March, gave me a standard instead of an automatic, and thus forced my dad to drive it to SF instead of me. :-)

Sorry Dad. ;-)

Written on November 15, 2001