CityDesk is a Windows program

There's a neat way to read things I link to. I'll give you a sample... basically, when I quote something I could give an idea of what I saw as I read the article. In this case, you can see how my interest / attention span changes as I read.

Joel on Software: What Does CityDesk Do?

CityDesk is a Windows program that m_kes _t ea_y to m____e _ w__ ___e ___c_ _______ _____.

Bzzzzt. Sorry, you lost me right after Windows program. Oh well, I hope Fog Creek does really well with this so they can afford to port it to Mac OS X, or... does so badly with this that they port it to Mac OS X, where the number of creative people per capita is much higher (IMHO).

Written on November 15, 2001