We'll never know the truth

I don't believe yesterday's plane crash was "an accident". Not one iota.

Why? Engines and vertical stabilizers, don't usually just FALL off in flight, especially on a plane that had maintenance the day before.

Which brings me to... the fact the plane had maintenance (read: sabotage) the day before. If this isn't a red flag I don't know what is.

I told a friend of mine, when they get that cockpit recorder, they're going to say "nothing peculiar was found"... which of course is exactly what was said last night.

Big surprise. What does it matter if you know this was terrorism or not? The government doesn't really care what YOU KNOW about it, what's important to them is what THEY know... they'll act on what happened, not you.

What the government cannot afford is to have the airline industry, travel industry, tourism industry, and the economy in general crash even further into turmoil. So they'll tell you this was an accident, even if it wasn't, or even if it was but they are still miles away from coming to that determination.

They want you to fly this Thanksgiving. And this Christmas. That's what matters. They're doing all they can to beef up security (I believe that... they may not be doing the best job possible in theory but under the circumstances I believe they're doing all they reasonably can) and so if a plane is going to be terrorized, it'll happen regardless of their best efforts.

But I'm not flying, not if I can help it. I hated flying to begin with. I'd rather drive for 2 days than fly for 2 hours.

Written on November 13, 2001