Wil Wheaton loves detox gel

I hadn't visited Wil Wheaton's site since ... well for a long time. Either I forgot, wasn't impressed, or didn't realize he had a weblog. But it's actually a damn good one. I'm sure I'll visit more often.

I split a gut (duck!) when I read this on his FAQ page:

The best thing about "Enterprise"? Two words: detox. gel.

Oh yeah baby. That scene hooked me to the series forever. :-) And I agree that the theme song really sucks... somehow it almost seems appropriate given the era, but it's not good enough. It sounds like it should be for a Chuck Norris cop show or Touched by an Angel or something like that.

Oh, and here's a treat. I'll save you clicking through Jolene's site and give you a link right to pictures of the decontamination scene. :-)

Written on November 12, 2001