Canucks reacquire Trevor Linden

CP: Canucks reacquire Trevor Linden

Coool! I'm not really a Canucks fan, but growing up in Victoria, Trevor Linden was the captain of the Vancouver Canucks, and he was the Canucks. Mr. Canuck. He epitomized the spirit of that team.

When he left, a piece of that team was gone. And I've always felt that that team has been missing that spirit ever since. I may have mentioned this to my dad once or twice, but I've always believed in my heart that Trevor Linden would play for the Canucks again, and hopefully finish his career there.

Last year the Canucks did very well, and people had high expectations for them this year. They lost something during the off-season (I think it was Bob "Truly Unappreciated" Essensa, but that's another story), and haven't been able to find their rhythm again.

I'm very pleased their management recognized the team's spirit needed rejuvinating, and did what needed to be done... not only for this year, but to set things straight with the team.

All is well in Vancouver again. Trevor is back. And this Oilers fan couldn't be happier for the Canucks, and their fans.

Written on November 11, 2001