MacCentral on the stupid Maya article

MacCentral: Alias|Wavefront, Apple talk Maya with MacCentral

"Maya for OS X is the most successful product launch we've ever had," said Pearce. "We had more pre-orders for this product than any other product in Alias|Wavefront's history -- the response has been phenomenal."

I think Wired should retract that article, and run a new one pointing out the many many flaws, lies and totally moronic suggestions in that article. That kind of thing can really damage a company, and that moronic "journalist" should be fired. I have no affiliation with Alias|Wavefront, and probably never will, but I respect the company and thing it's a travesty that such a thing could get printed without a leading paragraph "What you are about to read is total bullshit."

Please take a moment to write the editors at Wired and let them know how you feel about this.

Written on November 9, 2001