Stupid article about Maya

Kennedy Grey, Wired: Maya: Doomed on OS X

There's the pot calling the kettle black! Is Kennedy Grey smoking crack? The whole premise of the article is out of whack. What a hack. This guy should get the sack!

Anywaaaay... ;-)

An absolutely ridiculous article... it makes me wonder if Grey has stock in Maya's competitors... all his examples of the people who won't buy Maya are the people that aren't Maya's core market! Maya is used for movie production, not mom-and-pop-design shops and the consumer impulse-buying market!

Maya is for television networks, Hollywood special effects. 3D art for top tier video games.

And OS X is an up and coming platform for this kind of work. The G4 is great, and the G5 is going to leave everything in the dust. There's even rumours SGI wants to use it instead of their MIPS chips which they want to free themselves of.

Written on November 8, 2001