e.Digital hopes MXP 100 will compete with iPod

MacCentral: e.Digital hopes MXP 100 will compete with iPod

There is a strange and exiting word in that link above. "Compete". Someone is going to compete with another in the marketplace!

Incredible! Who do they think they are? Ahhh.. this is a marketplace where an illegal monopolist hasn't bullied itself into a monopoly position and then been rewarded for it by the Department of Injustice. This is a marketplace where a competitor (Apple) can raise the bar (iPod) and the rest of the marketplace responds by introducing new products that try to one-up the new leader. What a concept!

You notice that people don't have to sacrifice their privacy or allow their habits to be aggregated to use one of these fangled music devices? What were the companies THINKING? Don't they realize that consumers are data points, and data not collected is data lost and data collected is power?

What a crazy, cooky world.

Written on November 8, 2001