Beatles TV gem resurfaces Beatles TV gem resurfaces

"An appeal by Britain's BBC has turned up more than 100 lost TV and radio programmes, including an audio recording of the The Beatles on a TV chart show."

Wow, it turns out the BBC TV didn't archive much of what it aired in the early days. I say "wow", but, we're making the same mistake all over again. The Internet Archive is trying very hard to archive the internet, but, it won't get but a fraction. And the fraction they do get we should all be grateful for, because 50 years from now... we'll be very sad we've lost this amazing time in our history.

The neat thing is, when people of my generation are wrinkly old farts sitting on rocking chairs with our great-grandkids on our laps, we'll actually have stories to tell that they won't be able to look up on Google. :-)

Written on November 8, 2001