Too bizarre to be made up

Remember I mentioned a week or two ago that all NHL games are now broadcast by Microsoft and

Well. I'm listening to the Canucks/Columbus game because the Oilers game is over. (We won, sorry Aaron!)

Everything is normal, I'm listening to the game. Then, all of a sudden...


Then, after a couple seconds... a dial tone. (Seriously) After maybe 10-15 seconds, I hear a phone number being dialed. I look up at my external modem's lights to see if I'm still connected. Yup. Then I hear the phone ringing. Someone answers it. "The number you are trying to dial cannot be reached. Please hang up and try again. 14231". CLICK

After a few seconds, I hear that sound you hear when you leave the phone off the hook. That really annoying sound you always here and then put the phone back on the hook. Then... 10 seconds later... Silence

I'm still being streamed this "hockey game"... but it's silent.

This is what happens when Microsoft broadcasts a hockey game.

(Banging my head against the wall)

Will somebody PLEASE put this company out of business??? PLEASE!

Written on October 31, 2001