'Modern retro'

Re: The new Oilers Jersey: 'Modern retro'

"My hardcore fans might be disappointed in the end result. I think they thought it might be cartoonish and sort of wiggy, some of that Spawn thing,'' [McFarlane] said, adding redesigning a hockey jersey, especially this one, is like redesigning the Pope's robe. "To me a hockey jersey has to stay true to the hundred years they've been around.''

I tried to buy the jersey on the "official online store of the Edmonton Oilers", which is outsourced to shop.nhl.com, which is outsourced to who the hell knows. Anyway, I got all the way through the checkout process when it informed me that "certain items could not be shipped to Canada at this time". That certain item was the jersey!

I called their 1-800 number and the lady I spoke to agreed with me that that was pretty moronic, and would forward the information to her supervisor right away.

I mean, who doesn't ship a hockey jersey, for a Canadian team, no less, to CANADA? Oy. It's like refusing to send a Yankees jersey to the USA (and not just because you hate the Yankees).

Written on October 27, 2001