iPod: Better luck next time

Okay, assuming I had $400 lying around doing nothing, I'd buy an iPod. I'm just not interested in these MP3 players.

Tim keeps telling me it kicks ass over his Creative Jukebox, and I bet it does. I bet it's the best MP3 player ever made. But, regardless of whether I like MP3 players, or this is a good one, I think the iPod sucks.

Why? It doesn't have a Mic. (think recording lectures, bootlegging concerts, recording interviews, recording your band's latest licks... narrating the love letter to wrote to your sweetie. the MP3 version of your weblog!)

Apple is about content-creation. The digital hub is even about content creation. Rip-Mix-Burn... digital cameras, HomePage... DV camcorders, iMovie 2, iDVD 2. It's all about expressing yourself.

The iPod is a playback device. It's for people who just... listen to music. Just... watch movies. Just... look at pictures. It's passive.

You'd think a device like that would have Windows compatibility because Windows is the playback platform. But nope, it doesn't even have that. Why not? Should have been easy to do, after all it's a FireWire hard drive.

The iPod 2 will have a mic port, cost $249, maybe have more capacity but I doubt it. It'll definitely work on Windows, but not as well as on the Mac, of course.

Maybe, and this is a big maybe, it'll come with a 1 year subscription to a music service, maybe the new Napster or something else like it. Maybe it'll even have 802.11b access. But I think that'd cost too much.

So, if I find $400 somewhere, I might buy one, but I kind of doubt it.

Written on October 23, 2001