RE: NY refuses $10M donation from Saudi Prince

Dave's got a good rant about Giuliani's arrogance / ignorance today.

Dave is a truly free spirit. He says what he thinks, doesn't matter what other peole will think.

Me, I write on eggshells sometimes. Especially when it comes to writing about America. I don't want to offend my many American friends... I like to separate politics and religion from friendship, and having this weblog and wanting to be free on it is sometimes contradictory.

Shortly after 9/11, I found I had more freedom than ever to express my opinion about America and have Americans actually consider what I was saying without flaming me. But recently, I don't feel like I have that latitude. There doesn't seem to be any room for other opinions in America right now.

When I first wrote about this $10M rejection, I wanted to say something more but I didn't. Well, now, inspired by Dave's don't-tread-on-me attitude, I'm going to say it. (And don't tread on me!)

The arrogance and closed-mindedness of NY's mayor is exactly the kind of thing that pisses off the rest of the world, and leads to people resenting/detesting America. Rather than thank the Prince for his opinion and his generosity, NY insulted him. Smooth move... insulting a Saudi price when many of the terrorists on board the plane-bombs were Saudis, and Usama bin Laden is a Saudi, etc.

It's along the lines of not signing into the Kyoto protocol, not signing the anti-land-mine treaty, refusing to sign an international agreement designed to enforce a ban on the use of biological weapons, and trying to weasel out of an anti-ballistic-missle treaty with Russia. These things piss me off, and make me resent America. Despite all its greatness (and it is a great nation and people), these things always come to mind when I think of America.

Open your mind, please. Act like a neighbour, not an authority.

Written on October 13, 2001