Get well soon Dori

Dori has a scary medical problem. Dori, I hope this gets resolved soon. :-(

I thought this fancy-schmancy privatized health-care system down here was supposed to PREVENT people from having to wait ridiculously long to get proper medical attention.

Sorry to bring this up, but as someone who has a fucked up knee because I couldn't get proper help in Alberta during the dark days of health-care cost-cutting of the mid-1990s, it pisses me off to see people go through this. I thought, if I was in the States when this happened I would have had my knee fixed properly, promptly.

Over the years speaking with American friends, and especially since living here, I've realized this system is no better than the "socialized medicare" (as my American friends call it, with quite a "Communist" connotation I might add) in Canada. And it sure is a hell of a lot more complex.

Written on October 11, 2001