10.1 AppKit changes

Yesterday I read through the 10.1 AppKit (Cocoa ApplicationKit Framework) release notes.

Here are the highlights, from my POV:

  • NSStatusBar is the thing in the system menu that holds the custom menu items. NSStatusBarItem (I assume) is the class that represents A custom menu.
  • Cocoa apps can have custom and dynamically generated custom menus from the dock!
  • Keyboard navigation (see Keyboard Control panel)
  • Ctrl-D for Don't Save in Save Panels
  • Support for discovering when screens are added and removed when waking up from sleep
  • Credits.html is looked for before Credits.rtf(d), so you can put links in your credits list in the About panel and they're clickable to the web browser.
  • First Responder Action methods for speaking user-visible text
  • Many NSDrawer bugs fixed.
  • NSMovie now supports URLs for movie references (http:, rtsp:, etc.)
Written on September 30, 2001